Today’s poll, December 20

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We only have one poll this weekend, from Maariv daily newspaper. The results are surprising: even with the Greens not passing the 2% threshold and staying out of the Knesset, the gap between the Right and the Center-Let Block narrows to 2 MKs (61-59).

It appears that while both Kadima and Labor got some sort of a “primaries bounce”, the Likud lost some momentum. It’s hard to tell whether it’s because of the rightist nature of the Likud’s list of candidates for the next Knesset, or just the opposite – because of the way Netanyahu dealt with the Moshe Feiglin problem.

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The Greens’ Civil War

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The latest polls are predicting the Green party between two to three MKs in the next election. The threshold for entering the Knesset is 2% of all legal votes (2.4 MKs), and the Greens might not only make history (there has never been an environmental movement in the Knesset), but also make the difference between a Right Wing narrow victory and an actual landslide.

The only problem is that nobody knows who is this “Green Party” the polls refers to.

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