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The prospect of a right-wing narrow government starts to dwell on people. Foreign Policy‘s David Rothkopf sees WWIII on the horizon:

“First, the conflict will be political, potentially very intense and may well transform the U.S.-Israeli relationship. Later, the conflict may become military with the Israelis acting (alone or not) against the Iranians. The upside of the overall trend: the U.S. is perceived as more balanced in the region. The downside: the U.S.-Israel relationship is likely to weaken (I know some of you may see that as an upside)…oh, and also, possibly, nuclear Armageddon”

This is a bit hysterical, I think. When Iran will acquire the bomb (and I think it’s a “when” and not an “if”), Israel will just have to find a way to live with it: whether with the help of a defense treaty with the US, or simply by the power of its own nuclear deterrence (Israel is said to have second strike capabilities). An Iranian bomb won’t cause Israel to break with the US; quite the opposite: it will make Israel more dependent on America.