Settlements “natural growth”: 50 percent in less than a decade

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At the center of the confrontation between Jerusalem and Washington stands the so called “natural growth” of the settlements’ population. While the previous American administration allowed Israel to construct new houses in existing settlements to meet the demands of population growth, president Obama refuses to do so. And with a good reason.

Not only that Israel didn’t keep its part of the deal, and more than 100 illegal outpost – which are in fact new settlements – were constructed in the Bush days (most of them with the silent consent of the Israeli government), but as Akiva Eldar reports, Israel used the “natural growth” cover to increase the Jewish population in the West Bank by almost 50 percent, to a record number of 295,000 settlers, not including Jerusalem.

… one third of Israelis living in the territories (not including East Jerusalem) settled there during the Oslo years and another third after the peace process was suspended.

Expressed in numbers: From 1992-2001, the number of Jewish settlers increased by approximately 93,000 and four settlements were added; in the period from 2001-2009, another 95,000 settlers were added to the population and 100 additional outposts established.