Gilad Shalit

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These past few days I’ve been watching “John Adams”, HBO’s TV series about the life of the 2nd president. In chapter 5 President George Washington consults Adams on the signing of the Jay’s Treaty, which secured the US nutralitie in the war between Great Britain and revolutionary France.

As they discuss the issue, the president and the vice president look outside the window on the mob demanding the United State will take side with the newly formed French Republic. The “nice” thing to do was to help France, which fought with the US in its war against the British. Washington decided not to. And in chapter 6 we learn that Adams’ unpopular refusal to let the Quasy-War deteriorate into a full-scale one with France has cost him his re-election.

I don’t know how accurate the series is, but its creators have recognized what makes the difference between a good politician and a good leader  – the leader’s ability to rise above the moment and “do the right thing”. Nothing else matters. He can change his mind regarding things he said during his campaign, not keep his promises and even lie. As long as when the moment comes, he does what’s right.

In Israeli politics right now, this right thing would be to approve the prisoners exchange deal with Hamas, and get Gilad Shalit back home.

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