Jewish Terrorism is here again. Anyone still surprised?

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Today at six PM the court order the police requested was lifted, and the Israeli media could finally publish the story everybody knew of for weeks: Another Jewish terrorist was arrested.

Yaakov Taitel, an immigrant from the US, is suspected of killing two Palestinians, placing the bomb that wounded professor Ze’ev Sternhell and rigging the package bomb which left the child of a Messianic Jew seriously wounded. Taitel also admitted to the murder at the Gay youth home in Tel Aviv, but there is no evidence linking him to this crime.

This is the second Jewish terrorist to come out of Rahel Shvut settlements. In 2005 Asher Weisgen, a bus driver, shot and killed four Palestinians near Shiloh in the West Bank. Even so, when you listen to the settlers in the Israeli media this evening, all of what they talk about is “the incitement against the Right”. None of them seems ready to ask some tough question on racist anti-Arab discourse they were promoting, or about the de-legitimization of the left.

What’s funny is that the settlers were pushing their message even before the Taitel’s arrest was made public. As Ido Kenan reveled in his blog, a Right wing PR group named “Mattot Arim” (מטות ערים) distributed a talking points e-mail, in which speakers for the Right were instructed to counterattack by the Left immediately. One of the points reads:

“Assaf Goldring who recently murdered his 3 years old daughter was a left wing activist and a Kibutz member. No right-wing journalist used this to hint that all leftists or Kibutz members are the same as Goldring. It is both unprofessional and rude when leftwing journalists dare to smear the right, the religious or the settlers when something [of this sort] happens.”

Jesus, is this is the best they could come out with? A domestic violence case of some Kibutz member? Obviously, this is the perfect example to the sixty-years-old fact that while hate talk goes in all directions in Israel, bullets fly only from right to left. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Going to Get Ugly

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As I wrote here before, I believe that a Right-wing narrow government is a better option now than a “national unity government” with Netanyahu as PM and Kadima and possibly Labor joining in. But make no mistake -  there will be a dear price to pay for the return of the extreme-right to power.

Professor Zeev Sternhell – who was injured recently in an assassination attempt on his life, probably by an extreme-right terror group – touches this issue in Haaretz today:

The danger in such a government is far graver with regard to domestic issues than to issues of war and peace – because in foreign policy, including the Iranian issue, the power to make the crucial decisions is in any case in the hands of the United States and the European Union. Israel is not going to arrive at any agreement with the Arabs without American sanctions. However, no one is going to intervene if the Israelis decide to destroy the rule of law for themselves, devour human rights to the bone, establish their own rules of ethics and their own legal norms…

No doubt, it’s going to get very ugly.

The Rabbi

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Some of the reports from Hebron mentioned one, Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf, to whom the radical Jewish youth in the area is now listening. Nadav Shragai writes in Haaretz:

The Yesha Council of settlers is nonexistent at the House of Contention, and even Kiryat Arba Mayor Malachi Levinger rarely shows his face. Instead, events are being directed from the roof of the building by the extremist camp: Daniella Weiss, Baruch Marzel, Itamar Ben-Gvir and Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf.

Sharbaf is one of the three convicted murderers from the “Jewish Underground”, a terror organization that plotted and carried out attacks on Palestinians in the early 80′s.

the jewish underground murderers

the jewish underground murderers

The Underground carried out car bomb attacks against three Palestinian mayors and planned to blow up The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Sharbaf, along with two other men, murdered three students and wounded 33 in an attack on the Islamic College in Hebron. Shin Beit agents arrested the underground members while they were trying to bomb five Palestinians buses. Long before the Hamas started blowing up buses in Israeli cities, Jews had the same idea.

Sharbaf and the two other convicted murderers, Menachem Livni and Shaul Nir, were released from prison by Israeli president Chaim Herzog, after serving less than seven years of his life sentence.

In the last 8 years there have been no less than 15 unsolved cases of Palestinians murdered by Jewish terorists.