The blog celebrates its first year!

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It’s been exactly a year since I’ve posted the first item on this blog. I thought of writing a political blog for sometime before, but never really got to it. I’m obsessed with politics – there is no way going around that – and as the political climate changed here in Israel, I felt a growing desire to voice my opinions, but it was only after traveling to cover the Republican and Democratic national conventions in 2008 that I really understood the importance and impact of blogs. That’s also when I decided to write in English – the language of the international debate.

I think this point needs some further explaining. English, as most of my readers could figure out immediately, is not my first language. I’ve never even lived or studied in an English speaking country. Writing in English was a daunting task at first – in remains a constant challenge, even after 181 posts. I make typos and grammar mistakes which embarrass me very much (this is a good opportunity to thank my friends who e-mail me with corrections every now and then), and while expressing myself in Hebrew is fairly easy and natural for me, everything takes at least twice the time in English, and more often than not, I am not that as happy with the result. I mean, these are my words and I stand behind them, but sometimes I don’t really recognize myself in them. I guess I am still searching for my voice.

On the other hand, writing and editing in Hebrew is what I did on my day job until a month ago – and when I started writing this blog, I didn’t want to take the job home as well. I felt that if I really want to say something in Hebrew, I can do it through my work, or on other platforms, and even reach more people. And on top of all, I think that my two cents just worth more in English. My opinions, or something close to them, are well represented, even today, in the Hebrew media and blogosphere. The Israeli-English blogosphere and media, on the other hand, is a bit more limited, and more often than not, written by Olim from English speaking countries, most notably the US. I guess this is only natural, but still, it makes a difference. Read the rest of this entry »