Israel and a Nuclear Iran

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I just ran into an interesting post on Yossi Melman’s blog. Melman is Haaretz’s intelligence and secret services reporter. His blog [in Hebrew] deals with national security issues and bicycle riding.

In this post Melman lists some of the major mistakes by the Israeli intelligence agencies in recent years – like missing out completely on Hamas’ possible success in the elections, or the Hizbullah’s intentions in Lebanon.

Most of all, he deals with the intelligence assumption that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction prior to The Second Gulf War. Unlike the US, says Melman, Israel never had a public debate on that error and its consequences.

But the nugget comes at the end. Following a mail from one of his readers, Melman has an interesting and disturbing observation:

“A military and financially strong Iraq was one of Israel’s strategic assets. Iraq and Iran kept maintaining their conflict, and none of them would have allowed the other side to get such an advantage that would put his sovereignty in danger. By encouraging the US invasion of Iraq, Israel has brought upon itself a nuclear Iran”