Ashton Kutcher visited settlements as guest of local settlers and rightwing group

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Ashton Kutcher on his visit to the settlement of Efrat

Ashton Kutcher on his visit to the settlement of Efrat

More details on Ashton Kutcher’s visit(s) to the West Bank this week were published today by the Israeli media.

Apparently Kutcher didn’t only visit Hebron and Jushua’s grave near Nablus on Sunday, but also stopped yesterday at Gush Etzion (south of Bethlehem), were he received a guided tour on the history of Jewish settlements in the region and had lunch.

According to a report by Maariv [Hebrew], The visit was initiated and organized by the Israeli branch of the American Orthodox Union (OU). OU Israel, which receives funds for its activities from the municipality of Gush Etzion settlements [Hebrew], was credited for the photos Maariv and published from Kutcher’s visit to the settlements.

Journalist and culture critic Dafna Lustig, who called Kutcher “a jerk” on her twitter account following his West bank visit, wrote today on [Hebrew] that “Kutcher demonstrated one of the most blind, ignorant and insensitive acts a guest to Israel can do.”

If we assume Ashton Kutcher knew the story of the city of Hebron before the visit, then, like many others, he must believe that the occupation is legitimate and therefore does not have a problem taking this side side on the political map… [But if] Kutcher thinks Hebron is a legitimate tourist attraction just because he is not familiar with its history, than his visit is far more infuriating: we’re not in Beverly Hills and our problems won’t be concealed with the help of Botox. It’s the duty of every person, and certainly one who is so famous, to know where he is going (…) and if he doesn’t know and didn’t bother to find out, than I stand behind what I wrote on Twitter: he is simply a jerk.

Settlers vs. Netanyahu: is this for real?

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Haaretz’s Chaim Levinson got the transcript of a brief meeting between the heads of four major West Bank settlements and Benjamin Netanyahu. The settlers were intended to meet with the director general of the PM’s Office, Eyal Gabai, but Netanyahu did a POTUS-like move, and dropped in to say hello. This is what he heard:

[Ma'aleh Adumim Mayor Benny] Kashriel appears in the minutes as saying: “The [West Bank settlement] heads in Judea and Samaria are in a situation today in which they are humiliated and ridiculed. There was never such a bad period [as the present]. Before the elections, there was talk of construction in settlement blocs. Now we are not seeing an end [of this]. Everything is frozen. Under the prior [Olmert] administration, it was possible to build between houses. Now this is not [allowed]. The situation also has direct economic implications. There is no construction. There is no income from permits, from the sale of land or from property taxes. Charitable foundations are not coming to Judea and Samaria. There was a meeting with the finance minister in which promises were made, but since the approval of the budget, it has not been possible to get [what was promised].”

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