The Cellcom commercial, real life version

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This will be the last post on this matter, I promise. I just couldn’t resist sharing this video, from the weekend’s protest in Bil’in.


(If you didn’t have enough, here is the funny response video that was removed from the Israeli site, because of pressure from Cellcom; And this is a link [Hebrew] to the “volleyball at the wall” video done two years ago by Israeli artists Itamar rose and Yossi Atia).

The Cellcom commercial (update)

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The Washington Post caught up (via Reuters) with the Cellcom commercial story, and has even a quote from my previous post on its article, which also gives the first official comment from the phone company on the matter:

Asked to comment, Cellcom said its “core value is communication between people” regardless of “religion, race or gender.” It said the commercial illustrated the possibility for people of diverse opinions to engage in “mutual entertainment.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli blogosphere is boiling: here is Ami Kaufman and Dimi Reider, and in Hebrew you can read Niv Hadas (on, Zvika Roll, Meron Rapaport and finally, an unusually political debate in one of’s (a site devoted to cell phones) forums.

Don’t miss “the full version” of the commercial. UPDATE: removed the video. I’ll post it again when it remerges

Ironically, immediately after I offered as an example of some American liberal Jews’ tendency to adopt and defend right-wing politics and extremely unliberal ideas when it comes to Israel, there was a post on the site describing the commercial as “cute”.

As far as I could tell, the daily papers in Israel are yet to discover the story. UPDATE: TheMarker, Ynet, NRG. for some reason, these articles state that “Arabs are protesting against the Cellcom commercial”, as if Jews were not offended by it as well.

Separation Wall stars in new Israeli commercial

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Israel’s largest Cell phone company, Cellcom, has a new commercial. You have to see it to believe it:

The voice over in the end goes: “What do we all want? Some fun, that’s all”. And what’s more fun than not seeing the Palestinians around anymore, thanks to the 10 meters high wall?

(thanks for the link, Dimi).