Kahana lives in Petah Tikva / Municipality to trace girls who date Arabs

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There has been much talk recently over the new campaign aimed at preventing marriage between Jews and none-Jews, but here is a story that touches similar notes but went completely under the radar. It was published only in mynet.co.il, Ynet’s local news site, which usually draws very little attention. There, between stories about flower exhibitions and a deserted car bothering neighbors in Natanya, was the following headline:

“Municipality will locate girls meeting regularly with members of minorities”.

I only saw the story after some friends posted it on Facebook.

The headline’s meaning might be a bit unclear for non-Israelis, but in Hebrew, “members of ethnic minorities” always means Arabs, since Jews are being referred to by their specific minority: Russians, Sephardic, Ethiopians, etc.

The story itself tells of a special team that was formed within the Youth Office of the municipality of Petah Tikva (a large suburb of Tel Aviv). Its mission: to locate “and help” Jewish girls that are meeting with Arabs. Read the rest of this entry »