Israeli “Death to Arabs” Facebook group

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Journalist Dimi Reider came across this Israeli Facebook group called “Death to Arabs” (UPDATE: the group has been deleted, probably by Facebook). Take a look (click on the picture to see it in full size):


The messages posted on the group’s homepage are calling for the killing of Arabs and Leftists. There is a debate amongst the group members, on whether all Arabs should be killed, or only some, while the rest should be deported. The photos uploaded to the group show the late racist Rabbi Meir Kahana and a small Meretz demonstration.

The important thing here is not that there are some several hundred racists in Israel, who wish to see the Arabs gone. We always had those – Kahana followers, transfer supporters, etc. The thing is that these people are not just scribbling graffiti in the dark anymore. They are registered to a public group, with their name and their picture, where all their friends can see them (for those of you who don’t use Facebook – when someone joins a group on the site, all his friends get notified. In this case, they will all see some sort of statues line, declaring that “X has joined the group ‘Death to Arabs’”). The people on this group don’t think that they need to hide. They don’t think that there is anything wrong with racism, hate-talk or incitement. In fact, they are rather proud of it.

The group looks as though it is five months old. It currently has 2,165 members. It seems that most of them are minors – your normal Israeli teens. Soon they will join the army.

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Netanyahu’s father discusses Israeli Arabs, peace process: excerpts from the exclusive Maariv interview (part II)

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Here are some more excerpts from the interview Maariv’s Sari Makover-Belikiv did with Benjamin Netanyahu’s father, Prof. Ben Zion Netanyahu. The PM’s office tried to prevent this interview from being published, and with a good reason.

You can read the first part here.

On the peace process:

Prof. Netanyahu: “The problem with the Left is that it thinks that the war with the Arabs is like all the wars that nations around the world are conduction. These wars end with a compromise after one side wins or after both sides get tired from war and understand that victory is not possible. But in the Arabs’ case, their nature and character won’t allow any compromise. When they talk of compromise, it’s a way of deceiving. They want to make the other side stop doing its best efforts and fall into the trap of compromising. The Left helps them with that goal”

Q: If compromise replaces war, what is the damage?

A: “compromise is not realistic. It weakens our positions and brings us to a state of limpness, of false believes, of illusions. Every illusion is weakening.”

Q: What is your position regarding Syria? There are those who claim that Netanyahu will try to advance there.

A: “I would not return the Golan Hight. We conquered the Golan because the Arabs were shooting from these mountains and killing our farmers across the Jordan River. And anyway, you don’t give back land that was conquered in war, and for which we spilled our blood. It should be clear that parts of the Land of Israel that will fall into our hands – we will defend our right to hold them until all generations end. You don’t return land, just like you don’t return people.”

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Racism on the Train

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Ynet and Haaretz have a follow-up on the Arab look-outs story I wrote about two weeks ago. It seems that the media pressure didn’t help, and the National Train Company (“Rakevet Israel”) forced the contractor to fire most of the Arab look-outs, and replace them with army veterans.

As I explained in the comments to the post, saying “army veterans” in Israel’s work market equals in essence to saying “Jews”. That’s why in such cases the courts usually rule that you have to prove a connection between the army service to the issue at hand in order not to be charged with racial discrimination. For example, you can’t say: “I only let army veterans drive this bus”. But you can say: “I only hire army veterans to be the security men on this bus”. The Train Company – which is owned by the state, for god’s sake! – never even tried to make such claim.

Israel’s equal opportunity law states the following:

“2.(a) Employers shall not discriminate between their employees or between candidates for employment because of their sexual orientation, because they are parents, because of their age, race, religion, nationality, land of origin, opinion or party, in any of the following: (1) hiring; (2) working conditions; (3) promotion; (4) professional training or studies; (5) discharge or severance pay; (6) benefits and payments provided for employees in connection with their retirement from employment.

This goes for outside contractors as well, so this issue will most likely get to court, and the Train company will probably lose. But it is clear that the company couldn’t have even considered this step if it hadn’t been for the anti-Arab atmosphere in Israel.

Take the bus!


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On February 10th I am going to vote for Hadash.

Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, חד”ש: חזית דמוקרטית לשלום ולשוויון) is the only party that truly opposes violence as a mean to change the political reality (on all sides), and is committed to bringing a lasting peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Hadash is the only real Arab-Israeli party. There are none-Jews on other parties, but Hadash is the only one that has an equal partnership between Arabs and Jews on every level of the party. Since racism and segregation are the biggest threats to the Israeli democracy these days, Hadash’s model is more important than ever. It sees Israel as the multi-cultural society that it is, and pushes forward for it to be a country where the wishes, hopes and claims of different groups will be negotiated through the democratic system.

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Avigdor Liberman

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liberman_avigdorEarly in this campaign, when Avigdor Liberman’s “Israel Beitenu” party was getting around 10 MKs in the polls, I estimated that its true potential is around 14-15 MKs. Recent polls show Liberman getting there, and more. Except for Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Liberman is the only party leader to enjoy a real bump in the polls consequent the war in Gaza. There is almost no doubt now that he will be part of Benjamin Netanyau’s government.

Liberman represents an evolution of the right-wing politics in Israel. For lack of a better name, I think we can call it “Neo-Conservative Zionism”. Netanyahu represents the “old” conservative Zionism – which opposed any negotiations with the Arab world and any territorial concessions. This position has reached a dead end. Nobody seriously believes that Israel will be able to hold on to the West Bank for much longer. International pressure against Israel has been building up since the first Intifada, and Israel was forced, step by step, to agree to negotiations and to evacuate land. Even the Bush administration openly accepted the idea of a Palestinian state and with Obama in the White House, the pressure on the next PM will get stronger.
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