Why I like Karni Eldad

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karni eldadKarni Eldad, settler daughter of MK Arie Eldad from the radical Ihud Leumi party, is writing Op-Eds for Haaretz recently. I kind of like her articles: they are so blind and self-righteous, they actually make readers grasp the reality of the West Bank Apartheid -  Something even Amira Hass or Gidon Levi are having troubles doing. I often wandered if it’s some kind of satire, but from what I gather, she is for real.

In this one [English; Hebrew], for example, Eldad is portraying the ordinary middle class dilemma of a young couple: how to find a nice home with no Arabs around?

One of these hilltops had a special attraction for us. It has a mixed population, an excellent location, is close to civilization but not too close, without any Arab villages nearby. A young community, with young people who have a dream, and all the intrigues of any small community.

“There are three vacant prefabricated homes. Choose,” we were told. I turned white. “But, but,” I stammered. “I have already lived in a prefabricated home. Is there no exemption? Can you understand – I’m a musician and the acoustics in a prefabricated home are simply awful, and the doctor has forbidden it, and besides,” I said, pulling out the doomsday weapon, “besides, I’m spoiled.”

“It’s as I said,” the secretary continued, smiling. “There are three prefabricated homes. Choose one. I suggest the one belonging to Foxman; it hardly leaks at all.”

Great. What a headache. It turns out that it’s impossible to be a real right-winger without implementing the ideology using your place of residence as well. And it turns out that, like many other young couples in Israel, we can’t let ourselves live in one of the economically established settlements where there is asphalt instead of mud. It’s simply too expensive. So it turns out that we are moving to a hilltop. Soon. Maybe in the summer.

Rememeber Gaza

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Regardless the identity of the next PM, it is clear that the Gaza problem will wait for him (or her). Nobody will take on a military operation against Hamas, which might turn into a version of the second Lebanon war, so close to the election.

What awaits to be seen, is whether Ehud Olmert will use his last days in office to sign a deal for the release of POW Gilad Shalit. I hope he does. He’s not up for re-election, so he can pay the price. The government will surly approve any deal to that cause. There will be a few votes against from right-wing ministers, but such ministers will most likely make sure their votes aren’t decisive. Nobody wants this issue on their conscience (or political image), it’s just a question of the political price of releasing several hundreds Hamas members from prison.

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