No Partner

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MK Daniel Ben Simon, who resigned yesterday from his post as Labor’s whip, explains his decision in an article for Haaretz [Hebrew]. This is a must-read for those who still think that Israel is pursuing peace. Ben Simon is not some ultra-Lefty, but rather a moderate rookie MK, who supported Barak’s decision to enter the Netanyahu government after the general elections. it took him only eight months to understand what’s going on.

Ben Simon describes his useless attempts to convince Defense Minister and head of Labor Ehud Barak to respond to Obama’s peace initiative:

“Look, Ehud, there is no peace process, there are no negotiations, there’s no settlement freeze or outpost evacuation. We haven’t done anything we promised the public,” I told him. “What will we tell the Israeli public?”

To my astonishment, he said we have no partner, that there’s no one to talk to. I remembered that nearly a decade before, when we heard similar lines from Barak, they sank the country into despair and brought a series of misfortunes in their wake.

Is it possible Ehud Barak hasn’t changed? Is Ehud model 2009 really the same as model 2001? Read the rest of this entry »