Those ungrateful Arabs

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If you want to understand everything that’s wrong about the way Israel is treating its Arab minority, just read what Jerusalem District Police Chief Aharon Franco had to say about the demonstrations near the Temple Mount that’s been taking place in the last few days:

“There is a degree of ungratefulness from the side the city’s Muslim population after the police had worked to ensure peaceful prayers in the Temple Mount throughout the month of Ramadan.”

Ungratefulness? Why didn’t Franco also call the Orthodox Jews of Jerusalem “ungrateful” as well, after their violent clashes with the police a few weeks ago? After all, Franco’s cups worked very hard to let the orthodox pray in their holidays as well.

Apparently, Jerusalem’s Chief of police believes that he did the Arab citizens some sort of favor by letting them celebrate the Ramadan, and now he expects them to return one. You might say that that’s exactly the way many, if not most of the Israelis look at the relations with the non-Jewish minority: we are doing them a favor by letting them live here, let alone enjoy some rights, so they are expected to keep quite, ask for nothing and do as they are told.