Bibi Goes to the Right

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It seems more and more likely that we will have a narrow right-wing government. Tzipi Livni’s recent statements against joining Benjamin Netanyahu’s government were so clear, that they didn’t leave much room for future changes. Even if she decides to join him in the next few weeks, she will need a really good reason, or she will be seen as the worst flip-flopper in ages.

Livni probably estimates her number 2, Shaul Mofaz, who wants badly to join the government, won’t be able to make any move against her for the time being. Mofaz is not in a position to threaten Livni, nor to leave Kadima with some of his supporters and re-join the Likud.

As for Netanyahu, it looks as though he got the massage. Bibi started negotiations with his future right-wing partners, and that means he all but gave up on the “national unity” idea. After he allocates cabinet positions and sign agreements with the radical right, he won’t have much to offer Kadima or Labor.

GIVEN THE ELECTIONS RESULTS, THIS GOVERNMENT IS THE BEST OPTION. Many people think that a Right wing government would be dangerous for Israel and for the region. That might be so. But a “national unity” one wouldn’t have been better. The fact is that the Likud actually shows more restrain when it is left on its own than when Labor joins him in ruling. The big problem with the new government will be on the economical front: Netanyahu holds a radical free market ideology. He is the worst man I can think of for this particular moment.

As for the peace process, it is clear that things will be decided in Washington, or not decided at all. Israel needs the US help with Iran, now more than ever. The new administration can use this to push for moving the process forward. Obama can also force Israel to stop expanding the settlements. It all depends on the wiliness of the WH to confront Jerusalem.

One Comment on “Bibi Goes to the Right”

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