Defying new law, Tel Aviv University to host Nakba commemoration event

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Tel Aviv University will host a Nakba commemoration event next week that might be seen as a violation of the new Nakba Bill. The new law forbids public events “that mark the birth of Israel as a day of mourning;” its violation could lead to a withdrawal of funds from a state supported institution or organization.

All universities in Israel, including TAU, are supported by the state.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the keynote speaker will be Palestinian MK from Hadash party, Mohammad Barakeh. He will be followed by Emil Habibi’s play “The Opsimist“, performed by Israeli-Palestinian actor Mohamad Bachri.

The Nakba event will take place on May 23. It is organized by Hadash students at TAU.


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2 Comments on “Defying new law, Tel Aviv University to host Nakba commemoration event”

  1. 1 maayan said at 4:50 am on May 22nd, 2011:

    The law forbids public events about the so-called Naqba or the law forbids state funding for public events about the so-called Naqba?

    I believe it’s the latter, and that makes a huge difference. But yes, by putting on this conference, TAU will be breaching the law because it receives state funding.

  2. 2 ibrahim sassin said at 10:51 am on June 10th, 2011:

    i have to say only in israel they can be crazy enough to allow something so stupid