Did Netanyahu refused extending the moratorium to hurt Obama and help GOP in midterms?

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Aluf Benn, Haaretz’s diplomatic correspondent, had this weekend an analysis piece on the possibility the Palestinian Authority will ask a UN recognition of a unilateral declaration of independence.

Benn urged the Israeli government not to automatically object such a move. Israel, he writes, would be better off taking part in shaping a Security Council resolution than in just opposing one. As Ami Kaufman notes, given Israel’s mistrust towards international institutions, it’s a very surprising idea.

Equally interesting is a paragraph in Benn’s piece on Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent diplomatic moves (my italic):

Netanyahu rejected Obama’s request for a two-month extension of the settlement freeze; the president had wanted quiet on the Middle East front while he concentrated on the midterm elections. For his part, Netanyahu explained that he needed to show “credibility and steadfastness” at home, and indeed the incentives promised by the U.S. president in exchange for the extension did not sway the prime minister. One can surmise that Netanyahu did not want to help Obama ahead of the U.S. elections, and thus annoy the president’s Republican rivals. Netanyahu needs the support of GOP politicians to thwart the pressure coming from the White House.

One Comment on “Did Netanyahu refused extending the moratorium to hurt Obama and help GOP in midterms?”

  1. 1 maayan said at 11:14 pm on October 31st, 2010:

    See? It’s like a propaganda machine for the PA.

    Is it conceivable that Netanyahu is already fearful of being overtaken on the right by Lieberman and recognizes that the 10 month moratorium already cost him a chunk of his base and for which neither he nor Israel received any reward for it? He knows that giving in again might be prudent for Israel and its US relationship but is not prudent for him and his chances of winning future elections.

    Second, consider how Obama treated Netanyahu and Israel until recently when suddenly the Democrats woke up to a nightmare election scenario. Why should Netanyahu risk anything for him? Obama has not been a friend to him and really not much of a friend to Israel. Unless, that is, you consider having the US join the UN Human Rights Commission an act of friendship.