Today’s poll, December 8th

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We don’t have many polls these days. It seems that the media is waiting for the primaries season to end before putting more money into new polls. Labor had its primaries last week. The Likud had theirs yesterday. Kadima will elect its candidates next week.

So we have only one poll today, from the Channel 2 web site. Their pollster, “Panels LTD” is using only web based polls, as opposed to the telephone polls most pollsters in Israel use. It’s not clear how credible this method is, and they get some strange results (last week they had Labor with 6 MKs). I will post their polls here from time to time, and we will be able to compare them with other pollsters, and of course, with the actual results of the election.

This poll was conducted after Labor’s primaries and before the Likud’s. The margin of error is 3.5%.
The results themselves are not showing any new trends. It seems that Labor was able to stop the bleeding. My guess is that they will get even stronger in the next polls, following the events in Hebron, and that Kadima will continue to lose ground, as criticism on Tzipi Livni grows stronger.


Kadima 26  29

Likud 32  12

Labor 10  19

Israel Beitenu 11  11

Shas 11  12

Arab Parties (*) 10  10

Habait Haleumi (**)  6  9

Meretz  6  5

Yahaduth Hatorah  5  6

Green Party  3  -

Gil (senior citizens) -  7

Right Block (Likud + Israel Beitenu + Shas + Habait Haleumi + Yahadut Hatorah): 65  50

Left-Center block (Kadima + Labor + Meretz + Arab Parties + Green/Gil): 55  70

* Most pollsters put the 3 major Arab parties (Hadash, Balad and Raam) into one category (“Arab Parties”).

** formerly “Ihud Leumi” party.

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