Arab of 48′ is in the house

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A friend posted on Facebook a link to an excellent blog (in Hebrew). The author’s nick is  “Arab 48″, and he describes himself as a Palestinian lawyer from the north, 61 years old (as old as the state, or if you prefer – as the Nakba). The anonymous writer is 28. He wrote that his age is 61 to represent the situation of the Arabs citizens. He is religious, and naturally, an Israeli.

Arab 48′ writes mainly about his daily life and thoughts. He focuses on his place as a Palestinian in the Jewish state, and on every day’s encounters between Arab and Jews around him. This is the stuff you won’t read in the papers: an argument between him and his brother regarding the noises from the Arab villages in the area, which bothers their Jewish neighbors; a story of an Arab cantina worker who gave him too much change, “because the boss is a Jew”; a reminder to say to your Arab neighbors “Ramadan Karim” at the beginning of the Ramadan, and more. in a time when racism is on the rise and more and more Israelis believe in ethnic segregation, this stuff is a must-read.

Unfortunately, the blog is updated only few times a month, so I recommend you subscribe, or add it to your RSS reader.

One Comment on “Arab of 48′ is in the house”

  1. 1 Lisa Goldman said at 5:55 am on September 24th, 2009:

    Excellent! Thanks for the tip.