There will be no peace. Rejoice!

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A vague promise for the renewal of negotiations in the near future, that’s what came out of the Obama-Abu Mazen-Netanyahu summit in New York, and it seems that Israelis are overwhelmed with joy. Pundits and commentators are actually celebrating what seems like a failure of the new US administration in his effort to reignite the peace process.

Maariv’s diplomatic correspondent, Ben Caspit, calls the summit “a corridor to nowhere”. In his page 1 article Caspit writes that “the peace process’ corps will be washed to the beach by next summer”. Ynet’s correspondent in Washington, Yitzhak Ben Horin, quotes the Washington Post in declaring that the summit was a failure, and “little more than a photo-op”. On Arutz 7, Zalman Shoval, former Israeli ambassador to Washington, praises the event “a considerable political achievement for Netanyahu and Israel”.

The Jerusalem Post’s editorial opened today with the following statement:

Forgive us our skepticism at this dawn of a new year, but lately the Obama administration has come to seem like something other than the clear-headed captain at the confident helm of the free world.

The article ends with what seems to be a rhetorical question: “Can America be relied upon and taken seriously?”

As always, Defense Minister Ehud Barak knows exactly who to blame. In a dinner with Arianna Huffington he all but announced – just like he did ten years ago – that the Palestinians are responsible for another missed opportunity. By the way, this was a few hours before he boarded the plane to the summit in New York. But you can trust Barak to know what’s going on even before things actually happen.

And this goes on and on. Pundits, politicians, commentators on the news sites, all celebrating the removal of the greatest threat of our times: no, it’s not the Iranian nuke, it’s the peace process. As Caspit reports on Maariv, even members of the Israeli delegation to the summit enjoyed the fact that “Obama got nothing!” in front of some Israeli and American Journalists. A senior American reporter couldn’t believe what he was hearing, Caspit writes.

What is it exactly that makes them so happy? Israelis are acting like a bunch of teens celebrating the fact that they managed to get on a train headed for a free fall from a cliff – but without paying for the ticket. Yes, Barack Obama said that the end of the Israeli occupation is in America’s interest. However, the US will survive even if there will be no peace in the Middle East. But what would become of Israel? What exactly do the good patriots of the Jerusalem Post envision here in ten, twenty years, if their effort to prevent the establishing of a Palestinian state actually succeeds?

2 Comments on “There will be no peace. Rejoice!”

  1. 1 daria shualy said at 1:28 am on September 24th, 2009:

    it’s really ridiculous. when will Israelis understand the peace process is fist and foremost its own interest, perhaps even more so than the Palestinians, a definitely more so than the US

  2. 2 Dimi said at 5:39 am on September 24th, 2009: