Sorry, our deputy FM is a fool as well

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If you thought foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman was doing Israel some damage, listen to his deputy, former ambassador in Washington, Danny Ayalon:

In response to Bashar Assad’s statement according to which Syria was keen to resume Middle East peace talks just as soon as it had someone it could deal with on the Israeli side, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (Yisrael Beiteinu) said the Syrian president was “lying”.

“He does not want peace. For peace he would have to offer normalization and openness, and this may result in the collapse of his regime [...] Assad does not want to open Syria to the rest of the world because he is a tyrant.”

As I wrote before, even if you agree with Mr. Ayalon’s view of the Syrian leadership, these kind of statements are not very smart, as they portray Israel as the arrogant side who refuses compromise. And since we rule out the Syrian channel, the pressure to present some sort of progress on the Palestinian front will only intensify (which is not such a bad thing).

This sort of undiplomatic behavior from our No. 2 diplomat should come as no surprise. Ayalon, who spent most of his term in Washington praising President Bush, published an unbelievable article in the Jerusalem Post just before the Democratic Party’s Presidential Primaries, under the title “Who are you, Barak Obama”, in which he all but called the Jews to vote for other candidates. Here is a taste:

…while observing the American elections we should look at the Obama candidacy with some degree of concern as we hope to answer that all-important question, “Who really is this man, and what policies will he impose?”

Danny Ayalon represents Israel’s unfortunate decision to put all its chips on the Republican Party, and especially on the Neo-Cons, who took Washington by storm since 2000. It looked like a brilliant move a few years ago, but the tide has turned, and our dear friends are now, thank god, on the run. For some reason, Ayalon failed to notice this. This is true for many other Israelis as well, but unlike Ayalon, they weren’t ambassadors to Washington.

Today, after he finished dealing with Assad, Ayalon asked (or was it a demand?) that Obama will coordinate his intended speech to the Arab world with Israel. You know, just to make sure he gets everything right.  After all, we don’t really know who this guy is.

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