PLO senior: I give up the Palestinian State

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The one state solution gaining momentum: Fatah senior and former Palestinian Authority minister Dr. Sufian Abu Zaida said yesterday in a Geneva Accord event that:

“I give up the [demand for] Palestinian state. I want one state. I’m ready to sign a one state [solution] and don’t want two states. If there won’t be a Palestinian state, it will be like South Africa here.”

While Abu-Zaida doesn’t hold any official position in the Palestinian Authority at the moment, one cannot emphasize enough the importance of this statement. As I wrote before, I believe that a clear Palestinian demand for civil rights within the state of Israel is the way out of the current political deadlock.

Instead of playing games around the settlements issue – it seems that Mrs. Clinton has just managed to kill the little hope there was for the renewal of meaningful negotiations – the Palestinians should simply focus on getting equal rights from the Israeli government. This is one fight Israel will have a really hard time winning – in Europe for sure, but even in the US. Are we going to explain that we need to keep the Arabs as second rate citizens so we can have a Jewish majority? How is that going to sound to the Jews who took part in the civil rights movement, or to a nation which just elected a black president?

UPDATE: this is big. Saeb Erekat is in a one-state-mood as well