Yitzhar Rabbi publicly supporting attacks on Palestinians

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Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira from “Od Yosef Chai” Yeshiva in the settlements of Yitzhar has publicly expressed  support for settlers’ attacks on Palestinians.

Also known as “price tag” policy, these attacks usually occur as retaliation to what the settlers perceive as government action against them. Unable or unwilling to confront IDF soldiers and police officers, the settlers take their anger on defenseless Palestinians from nearby villages. Recent attacks including burning of cars and houses, vandalizing, beatings of civilians and even torching of mosques.

According to  a report on Israel Hayom, in a public address on Sunday, Rabbi Shapira referred to the “price tag” attacks as “mutual guaranteeing”:

“when they come to attack us… when one hill is attacked, the other can’t sleep, the other settlement can’t go on sleeping… there should be a coordinated response, a severe one, depending on the nature of the affair… those who call it ‘price tag’ are just scared of themselves.”

On Monday, a source in the IDF estimated that Shapira’s address will be interpreted by his students as an official approval to hurt Palestinians.

So far, no measures have been taken against Rabbi Shapira.