Dancing with Tears in Our Eyes

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Dancing with Tears in Our Eyes (book cover)

Dancing with Tears in Our Eyes (book cover)

Today came out “Dancing with Tears in Our Eyes: History of club and Discotheque Culture in Israel” (לרקוד עם דמעות בעיניים: ההיסטוריה של תרבות המועדונים והדיסקוטקים בישראל), a new book by Nissan Shor, a journalist and a music critic. The book does not only tell the story of clubs and music genres, but also puts it in political and historical perspective in a way that was never done before in Israel.

Shor recognizes the constant tension in Israel – dating to the days before the state was born – between the mainstream ideology and different sub-cultures who fight to built and maintain autonomous enclaves (most of the time without much success). He shows how, even as late as in the 80′s and 90′s, music and entertainment were considered “respectable” only when they didn’t put the mainstream Zionist values at risk. He quotes Knesset debates and newspapers articles concerning the dangers of “the misbehaved youth”, and tells the story behind some of Tel Aviv’s most famous establishments and nightlife figures.

It’s one of the most fascinating Israeli history books I read lately, but on top of all, it remains a book about the love of music and life.