Avrum Burg

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Avrum Burg is a nice and intelligent guy. I once interviewed him. We had breakfast at the lobby of the Tel Aviv Hilton, and talked for three hours. He is very self-aware, but also comes across as trying to impress. I think he is self-aware of that too.

Burg usually moves real fast to talking about the “Big” issues, like the role of Zionism in the Jewish history and the future of the Jewish people in a Globalized world. Coming from a politician (even an ex-politician) I always find this kind of talk boring and unproductive. There are real political battles to be fought – and that’s something Burg was never good at. At least he is honest and self-aware enough to admit to that too.

Burg’s latest book, “The Holocaust is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes” (what a weird title!) is out in English. The NYT published a piece on it. It appears that some of the juicy controversial stuff was edited out of the English edition.

Contrary to what the last paragraph in the article says, Burg is not very important in Israel.