What does Netanyahu want?

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After his refusal to accept the Two State Solution, PM Benjamin Netanyahu brought up his own term for an agreement with the Palestinians: a demand that they would recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

You have to give it to Netanyahu – he was always good with PR. This new condition sounds very reasonable to almost all of the Jewish public in Israel, as well as to most of the community in the US. Naturally, the Palestinians will never accept it – not because they seek to destroy Israel, but because it will be a death blow to the legitimate political claims of the large Palestinian minority within Israel – so Netanyhu probably assumes that his new demand will help him avoid meaningful negotiations or concessions.

Why is this claim so absurd? For once, because the nature of the state of Israel – whether it is a Jewish state or “a state for all its citizens” or whatever other model – is the business of the its citizens, not the International community or the Palestinian Authority. We can just as well demand that Mahmud Abbas will announce that he accepts Israel as a Parliamentary Democracy. And what if we all decide to be Republicans tomorrow?

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