Netanyahu’s father discusses Israeli Arabs, peace process: excerpts from the exclusive Maariv interview (part II)

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Here are some more excerpts from the interview Maariv’s Sari Makover-Belikiv did with Benjamin Netanyahu’s father, Prof. Ben Zion Netanyahu. The PM’s office tried to prevent this interview from being published, and with a good reason.

You can read the first part here.

On the peace process:

Prof. Netanyahu: “The problem with the Left is that it thinks that the war with the Arabs is like all the wars that nations around the world are conduction. These wars end with a compromise after one side wins or after both sides get tired from war and understand that victory is not possible. But in the Arabs’ case, their nature and character won’t allow any compromise. When they talk of compromise, it’s a way of deceiving. They want to make the other side stop doing its best efforts and fall into the trap of compromising. The Left helps them with that goal”

Q: If compromise replaces war, what is the damage?

A: “compromise is not realistic. It weakens our positions and brings us to a state of limpness, of false believes, of illusions. Every illusion is weakening.”

Q: What is your position regarding Syria? There are those who claim that Netanyahu will try to advance there.

A: “I would not return the Golan Hight. We conquered the Golan because the Arabs were shooting from these mountains and killing our farmers across the Jordan River. And anyway, you don’t give back land that was conquered in war, and for which we spilled our blood. It should be clear that parts of the Land of Israel that will fall into our hands – we will defend our right to hold them until all generations end. You don’t return land, just like you don’t return people.”

Regarding the Arab citizens of Israel:

“We don’t have a real partnership with them. The Arab citizens’ goal is to destroy us. They don’t deny that they want to destroy us. Except for a small minority who is willing to live with us under certain agreements because of the economical benefits they receive, the vast majority of the Israeli Arabs would chose to exterminate us if they had the option to do so. Because of our power they can’t say this, so they keep quiet and concentrate in their daily life.

I think we should speak to the Israeli Arabs in the language they understand and admire – the language of force. If we act with strength on any crime they act, they will understand we show no forgiveness. Had we used this language from the start, they would have been more careful.

I am talking about strength that is based on justice. They should know that we will keep a just attitude towards them, but a tough one. You don’t kill or hurt people or deny their right to make a living just like that. In the villages that we rule, we need to grant them all the rights – infrastructure, and transportation and education… but they have to give things in return. If the teachers are inciting the students, we should close the schools and expel the teachers… we should keep their rights, but also ours.”

3 Comments on “Netanyahu’s father discusses Israeli Arabs, peace process: excerpts from the exclusive Maariv interview (part II)”

  1. 1 James Garel said at 4:52 pm on April 6th, 2009:

    Professor Ben Zion Netanyauh is very clear and correct about his views. To me is very refreshing. And the results of the last 60 years, going into 61, prove his comments. I wish it could have been different, that we could have had a partner for peace. So the only answer is a strong Israel, an honest Israel, as it always is, a fair Israel, as it always is. This is the most realistic interpretation I ever read of the Israel Arab conflict.
    Thank you. James Garel

  2. 2 noam said at 12:13 am on April 7th, 2009:


    Thanks for the comment. There are two basic problems with this line of thinking: first, Prof. Netanyahu’s views that “Arabs can’t be satisfied”, or that the conflict is part of their character, are no different than saying that Jews like money. It is just racism. Naturally, I believe that the conflict has to do with goe-political circumstances, and not the inherent nature of one of the sides.

    Realistically speaking, Netanyahu’s way (both father and son), will lead us to one big state, where more than 30 percent of the population will have no civil rights. This kind of system is called Apartheid, and it won’t last. It will be the end of the Jewish state.

  3. 3 Russell Grayson said at 3:59 am on April 7th, 2009:

    Finally: a published interview with an articulate Jew who not only knows the score, but the players as well. Speaking the truth is not popular as a rule, and it is NEVER popular when that truth comes from a Jew. As Golda Meir said: “There is no ‘Palestinian’ people.” Read the British Peel Commision transcripts from the 1930s, when the Arabs consistently insisted that they were NOT palestinian, but Lower Syrians. They had Jordanian Passports until 1989.

    The only Nobel Peace Prize given to Israelis and Arabs had NO PUBLISHED official bio for Yasser Arafat–because it would have had to say he was born in Cairo: he was an Egyptian! Read Mark Twain and see for yourselves who was NOT living there in the mid 19th century. The Arabs only began coming to Israel when the Jews began to return in force and resettled their homeland, amongst other things growing oranges the size of grapefruits–there was no work in their adjacent Arab homelands, so they migrated. So now that they want to steal the land they’re “Palestinians”? Bull! They kill Jews, they’re freedom fighters; Jews kill Arabs, they’re occupiers and oppressors. How can you “occupy” your own land? Let the Arabs go home: there already IS a Palestinian country. It’s called “Jordan.”

    The world only likes Jews when they’re dying or dead–then they’re pitiable, quaint, and can be consigned safely to the dustbin of history. The EU and USA now want to tell Jews where they can and can’t live–just as European nations have been doing for 2000 years. What would be illegal to do in the US and in Europe, they want to make de rigeur in Israel: make areas Judenrein: Give up the Golan, give up the “West Bank,” give up Gaza, give up Hebron, give up Jerusalem, just GIVE UP! The reason that I live in the US and NOT in Israel is because only a 99-year-old can safely speak these truths. If I were an Israeli speaking these truths aloud, I would be “detained” by the apologists and appeasers–or banned like Kahane Chai. Pathetic!