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On February 10th I am going to vote for Hadash.

Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, חד”ש: חזית דמוקרטית לשלום ולשוויון) is the only party that truly opposes violence as a mean to change the political reality (on all sides), and is committed to bringing a lasting peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Hadash is the only real Arab-Israeli party. There are none-Jews on other parties, but Hadash is the only one that has an equal partnership between Arabs and Jews on every level of the party. Since racism and segregation are the biggest threats to the Israeli democracy these days, Hadash’s model is more important than ever. It sees Israel as the multi-cultural society that it is, and pushes forward for it to be a country where the wishes, hopes and claims of different groups will be negotiated through the democratic system.

Hadash is a Socialist-Democratic party. For years it has been leading the battle against the rapid capitalization Israel is going through. Even people who supported this process in the past should understand that Israel has reached a dangerous point, where the three most important public services – health, education and social security – are threatened. Hadash will object further cuts in the services provided by the state, and will fight to create a better and more equal society. I’m not that sure about other parties’ commitment to that cause. Recent years have taught us that the difference between Barak’s Labor and Netanyahu’s Likud is only in the rhetoric they use.

Yes, there are decent people on other parties – and I have my problems with some of the things Hadash did, or didn’t do, in the past. But these are not times for the vague solutions of “national unity” governments (which are no solutions at all). Civil rights are threatened. Every wave of violence is worse than the one before. Society is disintegrating, mutual trust is lost. And the political system is paralyzed, afraid to offer any new ideas or to move in a clear direction.

For these difficult challenges, I believe that Hadash provides the best solutions.

(Unfortunately, it does not provide a site in English.)

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