The entire occupation in 140 characters

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Professor Aeyal Gross (who occasionally writes op-eds for this site) posted on his Facebook page a quote I found worth sharing.

First, some context: In 1978, Taufic Ayoub, a Palestinian who had his land near Ramallah confiscated by the IDF “for security reasons,” learned of the intention to establish on his property not a military camp, but a civilian settlement for Jews.

These were the early days of the settlement project, and it wasn’t that clear where things were heading. So Ayoub (and other land owners) filed a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court, claiming that land that was taken for temporary military purpose by the occupation authorities could not be used for permanent civilian projects.

The court ruled against the Palestinians. Justice Miriam Ben-Porat, later Israel’s State Comptroller, wrote (art. D):

“I was bothered by the question whether the term ‘permanent’ settlement indicates an intention to deny the land forever, but I have reached the conclusion that the adjective ‘permanent’ should be seen as a relative concept.”

“Ben-Porat sums up the entire legal pretext for the occupation in 141 Hebrew characters,” wrote Prof. Gross. “I guess that today she would have agreed to settle for 140, for Twitter.”

One Comment on “The entire occupation in 140 characters”

  1. 1 Black Zionist said at 8:04 am on June 4th, 2011:

    Good point. The court should have compensated the Arabs for their land.

    But, having said that, when are all the Arab Muslims going to compensate the Kurds, Africans, Jews, Christians and other minorities THEY stole land from? That’s my question.