Why Nazi Germany references are banned on this blog

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I have made up my mind to ban all Holocaust and/or Nazi Germany references on comments to my posts, for the following reasons:

1.    Israel is not Nazi Germany. It’s not even close. I find the current political trends troubling, even dangerous, but this country is not engaged in a systematic, full-scale genocide, and since 1948, it hasn’t committed mass deportations. There are better ways to say that the Palestinians deserve justice.

2.    Some argue that Israel has one or several laws that were introduced by the Nazis too. Even if that’s the case, so what? The same could be said on many laws, in many countries. Nazi Germany is the symbol of the ultimate historical evil because of the death camps and the industrialized genocide, and nothing else. It’s even not because of the concentration camps themselves, since those weren’t unique to Germany (the USSR had them, and so did the US), and surly not because of racist policy alone. Many countries had racist policies at one stage or the other. Saying that a racist law immediately turns a country into the equivalent of Nazi Germany is like saying universal health-care makes a country Nazi – a claim so stupid no sane person would even think of.

3.    Saying someone is Nazi means he represents the ultimate evil – something that shouldn’t be negotiated or compromised with, but only fought. If you think Israel should be wiped of the map, not just the country but its people themselves, you won’t find support on this blog (If you think the political structure which makes Israel what it is should be change, or that the country should become a bi-national or a multi-cultural one, you are welcomed to express your ideas here – but leave the WWII references out).

4.    My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor, and maybe because of that, I simply find these analogies offending. I rather not read them on my own blog.

5.    Adding WWII references to your argument sounds like a good way to get attention, but it’s actually counter-productive. More often than not, people start debating Nazism (usually revealing very poor historical knowledge) and the real issue you wanted to discuss is forgotten. I want debates here to be focused and on-topic, and I want them to deal with real issues, not propaganda.

This policy will apply for both sides. I will not allow such references to Israelis and Jews, but I will also delete all comments comparing Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims to the Nazis, or calling Leftwing activists Kapos, as some readers have.

6 Comments on “Why Nazi Germany references are banned on this blog”

  1. 1 daniel said at 9:05 am on January 12th, 2011:

    Well said, Noam.

  2. 2 Corey said at 3:10 pm on January 13th, 2011:

    Well said indeed! What a refreshing and clear guideline for civil discussion. Thank you.

    Here in the U.S., WWII/Nazi/Holocaust language has been used as a blunt instrument by demagogues with no understanding of the nature and power of language. Lately, the likes of Glenn Beck have been reaching even further back to misuse old anti-Jewish tropes like
    *the Cosmopolitan Financier busy destroying national governments via currency manipulation*
    or, most recently, Palin’s bizarre misappropriation of “Blood libel” to characterize those who would link violent political rhetoric to the Tucson gun violence last weekend.

  3. 3 Tarej Ibrazan Rein Filth said at 6:23 am on January 16th, 2011:

    The early years of nazi Germany 1933-1938 may be a relevant referense.In the Kristallnacht lots of synagouges and jewish shops was destroyed but not jewish homes.
    Israel has demolished palestinian homes but not mosques.The Nakba of 1948 may be compared to nazi invasion of Poland 1939.
    But large scale mass murder on the part of the nazis 1941-1945 has NO parallel in Israel.And in in Israel debate is allowed,there is no Fürer system etc.So Israel is NOT Nazi Germany,but zionazis do exist,and there was some colaboration between nazis and some zionists during WW2 and that must be discussed.

  4. 4 seafoid said at 2:44 am on January 19th, 2011:

    “Nazi Germany is the symbol of the ultimate historical evil because of the death camps and the industrialized genocide,”

    The genocides of the future will be difference because the technology will be different. The Shoah can’t be the ultimate historical evil because systems occasionally produce genocides and always will. The white settler genocide in the US was different to the Turkish genocide in Armenia and to the Shoah which itself was different. The Shoah can never represent an end to a very human form of behaviour.

  5. 5 RichardL said at 11:54 pm on January 23rd, 2011:

    “this country [...] since 1948, it hasn’t committed mass deportations”

    I do not want to detract from the point of this piece but I would like you to get your facts right.

    Since 1967 120,000 have been cleared off the Golan and I believe about 10,000 were cleared out of parts of Gaza to make way for the settlements there.

    It is also important to remember that if Lieberman gets his way there will be a new round of deportations.

  6. 6 noam said at 12:24 am on January 24th, 2011:

    Richard: point taken. I had the Palestinians in mind when writing this.