The Only Democracy in the Middle East

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It’s time to change our ads

It’s time to change our ads

The central election committee decided today to disqualify Balad and Raam, two of the three Arab parties, from participating in the upcoming election. The election committee is a political body. Its members are representatives from all the Knesset parties, headed by a former Supreme Court Judge. All the right wing members, as well as Kadima’s, voted for Avigdor Liberman’s proposition to disqualify the two parties. The surprise came from Labor representative, MK Eithan Kabel, who supported the disqualification of Balad.

The fact that such a clear majority of Israel’s legislatives think that two of the three major Arab political movements shouldn’t be allowed to take part in the election is further proof that Israel is loosing its democratic core, even within the 67′ borders (on the Occupied territories its just plain Apartheid). As for Labor, this party has nothing to do with left wing or liberal ideas, but we’ve known that for quite a while now.

So what’s next? It’s more than likely that the Supreme Court will turn around this decision and allow all major Arab Parties to take part in the election. The Attorney General already said that there is no legal ground for this disqualification. It’s pretty obvious that all members of the central election committee already knew that, and that their decision was no more than an attempt to gain some points with the public by using the strongest currency in Israeli politics: racism.

Things could, however, take a surprising and dangerous turn, if the Arab MKs decide not to appeal against the decision, and instead, call the Arab public to boycott the election altogether (many Arabs do so anyway). I don’t think they will take this course – they are, after all, professional politicians and want to be elected – but there are some things indicating they are considering the option.

If the Arabs do not take part in this election, I don’t see any reason why anyone else should.

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