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Flotilla dominating the protest as Palestinians and Israelis mark 43 years of Israeli control over the West Bank and Gaza. Plus, one clip Israel wants the world to see, and one it doesn’t

Palestinians and Israelis marked today 43 years of occupation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The main rally today was near road 443, the Jerusalem-bound highway which goes through the West Bank and only a few Palestinians are allowed to travel on. Protesters wore T-shirts supporting the Gaza flotilla; the army used tear gas against them.

I was in Nebi Saleh, where the army arrested Ben Gurion University  professor of Chemistry Eyal Nir (pictures below), and shot tear gas at protesters. Nir was taken into an army jeep for insulting a soldier.


The Palestinians of Nebi Saleh try to regain access to a tiny pond that was taken over by settlers from the nearby Halamish settlement. As usual, the weekly demonstration started with a march toward the pond, which was stopped on the village’s main street by the Army. Then came some stone-throwing by several of the Palestinians, to which the soldiers responded with tear gas.

One thing that is worth noting is that the soldiers in Nabi Saleh fire the tear gas directly at the protesters (as can be seen here), and not in an arch, like army orders’ demand. Earlier this week, in a small demonstration against the raid on the Mavi Marmara, an American named Emily Henochowicz was hit in her eye from such a shot.

Here is a video of Emily being shot. I don’t often post such graphic images, but this week the IDF used every clip they could put their hands on to portray the soldiers who took over the Mavi Marmara as victims, so I think we need to put some things in perspective (shooting at 1:10 min. h/t: The Lede).

Later in the afternoon some 300 Israelis gathered in Sheikh Jarrah for the weekly protest. A coalition of leftwing organizations is planning an anti-occupation march tomorrow in Tel Aviv, and there are rumors that rightwing activist will try to confront it.


Flotilla news:

●    It seems that the Rachel Corrie will be coming after all. Israel is warning that it “does not want to board the ship.” UPDATE: Israeli soldiers have boarded and taken over the Rachel Corrie today around noon, with no physical confrontation involved. The soldier led the ship to the Israeli port of Ashdod. Netanyhu: “This shows the difference between a Peace flotilla and that of Islamic radicals.” [Hebrew]

●    This bizarre “satiric” video was sent to all foreign correspondent by no other than Government Press Office head Daniel Seaman. After a few minutes came another e-mail, claiming the video was sent “due to a misunderstanding”, and that “contents of the video in no way represent the official policy of either the GPO or of the State of Israel”

It’s not the first time Seaman is trying to crack these kind of jokes. As the flotilla was heading to Israel, he sent an E-mail to all foreign correspondents offering them recommendations on Gaza’s restaurants [Hebrew].

●    British Rock group Klaxons canceled its planned performance in Tel Aviv, and so did Gorillaz Sound System. The gig’s organizers promised tickets holders a refund.

●    Check out this interview with MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) who as on the Gaza flotilla has been receiving death threats since. Zoabi was the first member of Knesset to have bodyguards admitted to her inside the Knesset as well.

●    An impressive combination of stupidity and cruelness.

●    Nabi Saleh’s people marched today carrying flags of the countries whose citizens were on the flotilla’s ships. Before they started marching, they debated whether to carry the US flag or not, eventually deciding against it, as America is still perceived as Israel’s close ally. When the stone throwing and gas shooting began, they run for cover, abandoning all the flags. All, but one:



And finally, here is Eyal Nir being arrested:



9 Comments on “Israel | 43 years of occupation”

  1. 1 anonymous said at 11:23 am on June 4th, 2010:

    Noam, I have looked at the video of the poor girl who lost her eye over and over again. It shows nothing relevant, unfortunately, because there is a discreet edit of the footage right around the time when she is hit. You will notice that they edit to a close up of a group of young men and then back out to the wide shot, but the young men are no longer in the same position. This is to say that the video is trying to avoid showing something.

    Do you have another video source? What is RT?

  2. 2 Freewheelin said at 2:26 pm on June 4th, 2010:

    stands for Russia Today.

    They have quiet a few really good shows, like the Keiser Report. Check it out.

    Regarding your concerns about the footage – do you really, really believe that those fraks on the boats wanted to help the average gaza citizen? Really?
    Well, then you will always stay stupid, reacting to any provocation you welcome to your life.
    Like those idiot females, letting themselves locked up separately from the men.

  3. 3 Christos Georgalas said at 2:40 pm on June 4th, 2010:

    Anyway you look at it – Israel is a rogue state:
    Either it is occupying Gaza and then it is part of Israel – so Gazas should vote at Israel elections.
    Or it is not occupying Gaza and then what right has it to control its waters?

    Any other solution has been tried and tested (in South Africa – it was called apartheid) – and failed.

    Blockade is not legal – according to UN: On January 24, 2008, the United Nations Human Rights Council released a statement calling for Israel to lift its siege on the Gaza Strip, allow the continued supply of food, fuel, and medicine, and reopen border crossings.
    On December 15, 2008,United Nations Special Rapporteur Richard A. Falk described the embargo on Gaza a crime against humanity.
    In August 2009, U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay criticised Israel for the blockade in a 34-page report, calling it a violation of the rules of war.
    In March 2010, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stated that the blockade of Gaza is causing “unacceptable suffering” and that families were living in “unacceptable, unsustainable conditions”.

    Those who support the blockade should be tried in International Criminal Court – those who try to break it are just enforcing the Law.

  4. 4 Michael LeFavour said at 4:06 pm on June 4th, 2010:

    The video is edited. Notice the convenient film crew swarm that just happened to be there, though….wink wink. What does this prove besides desperation to find something, anything to smear Israel with?

  5. 5 the pair said at 7:05 pm on June 4th, 2010:

    After we were treated to the Neda snuff film several thousand times, don’t worry about the Emily photos. I’d like to see a few more people link to this as well…

    Then there’s Tristan Anderson. It’s one thing to call yourselves “The Only Democracy in the Middle East” (nice Eurocentric term, that) and kill protesters on a regular basis, but I guarantee the same people ignoring/justifying/celebrating it were just green in the face over Iranian protest casualties (including the not-so-peaceful ones that threw molotovs at a police station.)

    Your posts are great, as are those of Neve Gordon, Jonathon Cook, Gideon Levy and a small handful of other humanitarian Israelis (I’d also throw Gilad Atzmon in there though he resents the “I” word.) It’s just a shame they’re a small drop of reason in a giant lake of Zionist tribalism.

  6. 6 Peter H said at 3:58 am on June 5th, 2010:

    So the same people who savaged Noam for saying the heavily edited, selective IDF clip of commandos landing on the ship may not tell the full story are now complaining that the video clip of Emily Henochowicz being hit in the eye with a tear gas cannister is edited and selective? Hilarious.

  7. 7 Kal said at 9:19 am on June 5th, 2010:

    “desperation to find something, anything to smear Israel with”

    Contra Peter, I don’t actually find this very funny. Michael is pretending to be unable to find anything to be upset about, thus imagining “desperation” to find a “smear”, in the fact that a young woman lost her eye because she was shot at by soldiers who were in no danger from anyone, let alone her. I have in the past been amused by the absurdity of it all, but I guess I’m all laughed out at this kind of shit.

  8. 8 Daniella said at 12:03 pm on June 5th, 2010:

    “We con the world” is one of the most bizarre pieces of satire I have seen, particularly in light of the Big Lebowski stunt double at 1:45.

  9. 9 Michael LeFavour said at 9:25 am on June 6th, 2010:

    Pair, nobody is worried about the Emily photos because normal ethically balanced people can tell that the events were diametrically opposite. Neda was shot dead in cold blood. Emily was hit on accident. Neda was in her own country fighting for social justice. Emily was in a foreign country fighting for the life saving restrictions placed on terrorists to be lifted. I could go on, but why bother? You have made up your mind that everything you weigh on your broken morality scale is equal.

    Neve Gordon, Jonathon Cook, Gideon Levy and more. It is always the same blind miscreants as if they represent Israel or justice. It is a small handful because they are on the wrong side of the issue, and they are laughing stocks.

    Peter H, in the company you keep Jew hating liars that create fake funerals, stage deaths, and spread Pallywood productions as fact are equal in stature to a legitimate government. It can’t be that the film was long and showed nothing of note, it can’t be that the editors wanted to keep the film clip short so that the attention deficit disordered could get the point in a minute or two. The IDF films at least show the moment of impact with weapon to flesh. The Emily film only shows a hand over an eye AFTER an obvious edit. No, the IDF has to be covering up. In the twisting maze of logic in your mind there is no other possibility worth noting. The supposed Emily film was edited at the critical moment. It reminded me of Shai Pollack’s bullshit filming of the contrived events at Bi’Lin, “Bil’in Habibti”, which I screened and had a chance to ridicule him over. He did the same thing. He shows an Arab fall into some brush and come out holding a wound that supposedly was delivered by an Israeli. The Jew haters in the audience lapped it up like ice cream just like you are lapping up Noam’s excrement.

    Kal, I am not pretending about anything. Emily traveled a thousand miles looking for trouble and got it. I am satisfied karma was delivered. What I am not sure of is what happened, but considering the track record of the lying sort of activists that will stop at nothing to delegitimize Israel I highly doubt the conclusions the edited film wants the sheep viewing it to accept.