Flotilla | news round-up: Israel to partly lift siege?

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During the night: Israelis burning Turkish flags, vandalizing Turkish memorial site.

Is Israel ready to partly lift the Gaza siege? Earlier tonight Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that Israel will be willing to allow non-military goods into the strip, after inspection. At the same time, officials said that Israel would not allow the Rachel Corrie arrive at Gaza, and the ship will be led to the port of Ashdod, if necessary by force.

Right now, Israel is not letting most civilian items, including most food items and construction material, into or from Gaza. If a policy change will happen, it will be a tremendous victory for the organizers of the flotilla, after they had their first achievement when Egypt opened the Rafah crossing at the south of the strip.

UPDATE: There are reports the Rachel Corrie is turning back, and will not try to reach Gaza.

Casualties: Furkan Dogan, 19 years old, was the American who died on the Mavi Marmara. Reports in Turkey indicate that the NY born Furkan was shot four times in his head and one in the chest, all at close range. Here is the full casualties list. It doesn’t tell us much, but judging from their ages and family status, most of them don’t seem to fit the Shaheed profile (for a different opinion on this issue, see comments).

Nationalistic mood in Israel: Around 1,000 Israelis demonstrated in front of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv (after the rally I saw some of them marching and singing football fans’ nationalistic songs on Ben-Yehuda Street). Protesters burned a Turkish flag, threw stones and even one smoke grenade at the embassy. Three of them were arrested. UPDATE: it seems that many of the protesters were fans of Beitar Jerusalem football team, know for there racism and nationalism.

Update II: Israelis sprayed pro-IDF slogans and tried to burn the Turkish flag in a Turkish memorial site in the town of Beer Sheva (Hebrew report and picture here).

Interior Minister Eli Yishy is asking to revoke not only the immunity but also Israeli citizenship (!) from Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi (Balad) who was on board the Mavi Marmara. In a letter to the government attorney, Yishay has accused Zoabi with treason. Yesterday Knesset Members tried to prevent from MK Zoabi from speaking at the Israeli parliament; 12 of them – an all-time record – were expelled by the speaker during the heated debate (video).

Palestinians and Israelis will mark tomorrow (Friday) 43 years of Occupation in protests and rallies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. A march is planned for Saturday night in Tel Aviv (I’ll be going to some of the events, so I probably won’t be blogging until the evening).

Check this out also:

- Israeli soldier who killed six of passengers might receive medal of honor [link in Hebrew].

-    IDF Retracts claims about flotilla’s Al Qaeda links.

-    Former US Ambassador Edward Peck: “I was deported for having violated Israeli law. And I said to the gentleman, “What law have I violated?” He said, “You have illegally entered Israel.” I said, “Well, now, wait. Our ship was taken over by armed commandos. I was brought here at gunpoint against my will, and you call that illegally entering Israel? You and I went to different law schools, guy.” (video here)

- The Mavi Marmara’s passengers’ accounts tell a different story from Israel’s, including claims that Israeli soldiers fired live bullets from the air on the people in the upper deck. As Israel confiscated all recorded material, these accusations cannot be confirmed nor denied right now.

-    Daniel Luban has an interesting article in Tablet, a middle-of-the-road Jewish magazine, on the nature of the debate regarding Israel in the American Jewish community, and how it avoids moral and political issues.

6 Comments on “Flotilla | news round-up: Israel to partly lift siege?”

  1. 1 Michael Pitkowsky said at 4:58 pm on June 3rd, 2010:

    What is a “Shaheed profile?” There is much disagreement as to whether such a profile exists. See here, here, here,and here.

    Also, at least three of the dead had apparently hoped to become martyrs. These three were 39, 55, and 61 years old. Does this fit your “Shaheed profile?”

  2. 2 anonymous said at 10:34 pm on June 3rd, 2010:

    Okay, because of you I wasted my time reading the Daniel Luban article. Thank god for the comments afterward that redeemed my wasted time. You should read the comments, Noam, and learn how well they take Luban apart.

  3. 3 noam said at 11:56 pm on June 3rd, 2010:

    Michael Pitkowsky: You are right, there is a well-known disagreement. I just wanted to raise a question here, something the media in israel doesn’t do much these days. still, I think readers should take a look at the stuff you linked to as well.

  4. 4 Selai R said at 12:09 am on June 4th, 2010:

    Israel – do not give-in to those who ‘pressure’ – big boys!! You have the right to ‘defend you’.
    You did the ‘peaceful way’ but those who called themselves ‘peace activists’ took their first step in a inhumane way. So, they should not call themselves ‘peace activists’ but ‘hungy tigers’.
    Yahweh bless Is-ra-el!

  5. 5 Cecil Nixxon said at 6:08 am on June 4th, 2010:

    The U.S. knows her ally Israel would *never* fire on her! Except for the Liberty. Still no apology from Israel. 34 U.S. sailors murdered, 171 U.S. sailors injured. Lord knows the Jews have reason to be paranoid, but when a paranoiac indiscriminately murders while acting out their delusions, it’s time to lock them up and feed them drugs.

  6. 6 Rowan Berkeley said at 9:01 am on June 4th, 2010:

    Yahweh bless Is-ra-el!

    I would find it depressing if I had a lot of these USAian christian zionist zombies commenting on my blog. I am sure they will still be chanting their grotesquely mispronounced pidgin hebrew invocations when the USA goes crashing into barbarism around them, which it appears it soon will. Probably their preachers will then tell them that they have to kiss the rod that chastises, or some such gibberish.