PM Shamir on terrorism: it’s ok, if you are a Jew

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Here is something funny a friend posted on Facebook:


Now, it’s not that I support Palestinian terrorism, and I do think Jews were right to fight the British occupation – though Shamir doesn’t mention the fact that many of the Lehi and Irgun attacks were against Arab civilians, not foreign soldiers – it’s just that this quote offers a glimpse into the twisted, double-standards, thinking that got us to where we are. This interview was published in 91′, and I believe that by now most Israeli understand that the Palestinian problem won’t just go away, but they clearly haven’t reached the point where they are willing to do something serious about it.

7 Comments on “PM Shamir on terrorism: it’s ok, if you are a Jew”

  1. 1 stevieb said at 7:29 am on May 11th, 2010:

    I most certainly do support Palestinian “terrorism”(though it isn’t actually terrorism – it’s called “resistance” and is enshrined in international law as a legitimate response to aggression, or in the case of Palestine, illegal and immoral military/civilian occupation). I most certainly do not see how the “Jews” were justified in attacking the British in Palestine either – they had no real claim to Palestine – European Zionists – had no real claim to Palestine. The British for their part were willing to divide Palestine – though they had no real right to do so – for the benefit of Zionist colonists.

    I wish people could overcome their fear of saying the truth, and not say what is merely politically expedient…

  2. 2 Raphael said at 9:29 pm on May 11th, 2010:

    Stevieb, would you mind explaining the respective parts of international law to me? Which sections or articles of which conventions, treaties or agreements? What exactly does “civilian occupation” mean, under which parts of international law, and what, if anything, does international law (actual documents, not your idea of what international law should be) say about proper responses to it? Is there any part of international law that says that “resistance” is somehow not bound by the same rules as regular warfare?

    If Israelis are “military/civilian occupiers” and therefore “resistance” against them is ok, then what exactly are they supposed to do about it? I mean, among the things that they could do. Since you brought up moral aspects of the situation- what are the moral aspects of telling people that it’s ok for others to kill them and that there’s nothing they could do about that?

    What do you mean by putting “Jews” in scare quotes? Do I get this right that you’re somehow denying that there’s an ethnic/religious group commonly called that? If so, what on Earth gives you the right to deny the existence of an ethnic group you don’t belong to?

    What makes you think that the only reason why Noam says he doesn’t think it’s ok to kill him and his friends, neighbours, and family members is “political expediency”?

  3. 3 Maria said at 6:09 am on May 13th, 2010:

    “If Israelis are “military/civilian occupiers” and therefore “resistance” against them is ok, then what exactly are they supposed to do about it?”

    Raphael, how about getting the FUCK OUT of the West Bank and stop keeping Gaza as an open prision while exploiting THEIR the gas/oil-field in the sea? It all starts with Israel, that´s the center of hatred, colonialism and apartheid and that´s where it has to stop. And it will as this policy slowly is consuming what ever is left of a “humanistic soul” in Israel

  4. 4 noam said at 7:11 am on May 13th, 2010:

    Stevie – I think that the special circumstances after WW2 – and even events before it – justified a national solution for the Jewish people. My criticism of my country is that it is not willing to accept the fact that this solution was carried out on the expense of the Palestinians.

    but by supporting attacks on civilians – is that what you and Maria are saying? – you force people like myself to chose the opposite side, and you condemn both Israelis and Palestinians for many more years of suffering. It is a bad approach, both morally and politically.

  5. 5 Raphael said at 12:16 am on May 14th, 2010:

    Maria, sure, that’s what I think Israel should do- but judging from stevieb’s post, I’ve got the impression that it wouldn’t be enough for stevieb.

    Given his general support for the various Palestinian groups’ attacks, most of which have happened outside the WB and Gaza, and given his comments about “European Zionists” and the way he puts “Jews” in scare quotes, it looks to me as if for him, every Israeli Jew is a military or civilian occupier who deserves to get killed simply by virtue of existing.

  6. 6 Alex said at 4:23 am on May 16th, 2010:

    It is doubly ironic that the present leadership self-righteously condemns the PA for naming a street after a terrorist killer but it ignores its own skeletons in the closet.

    My place in Tel Aviv is right across the street from the Jabotinsky Institute, also known as the Etsel museum, a shrine to that terrorist militia and the erstwhile Likud hq — but our terror was good, of course…

  7. 7 Freidenker said at 4:23 pm on May 22nd, 2010:

    See, that’s what I never get about hardcore leftees – you say one word about Palestinian terrorism and then whoop – it’s back to talking shit about Israeli double-standards and unwillingness for peace.

    You know, no kind of terrorism should be acceptable by anyone, and it’s a dead no-brainer which nation is bound to be more prone to terrorism (hint, it ain’t Israel, what with us having better equipment and training, we don’t NEED to call it terrorism no more)

    but, I mean, come on – a guy has to really pass out on his brain if he says that this war is a result of a Jewish effort/lack thereof to stonewall peace.

    No, man – bigger picture: it’s a collaborative Jewish-Palestinian effort. I guess one can be narrow-minded both-ways.

    Not that I don’t think Shamir was a twat.