Shin Beit to brief Israeli reporters on Anat Kamm affair Thursday morning, as gag order about to be lifted

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Security authorities have agreed to a partial lifting of the gag order regarding the investigation that led to the arrest of former soldier Anat Kamm. Kamm is to be charged with “espionage”, after  leaking hundreds of secret documents to Haaretz’s reporter Uri Blau, and possibly to other journalists.

Israel’s internal security agency has announced a special briefing to Israeli reporters tomorrow (Thursday) morning. It has been said that the head of Shin Beit, Yuval Diskin, is the one who insisted on the gag order (even the Knesset speaker didn’t know about it), and now wants Kamm to receive the maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

A 2008 article based on the documents allegedly leaked by Kamm revealed that senior IDF generals, including Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, knowingly violated Supreme Court ruling by ordering the assassinations of Palestinians who could have been captured alive. These charges were never investigated by any authority in Israel. Uri Blau, the author of the article, had his computer seized by Shin Beit and is now hiding in London. Haaretz’s editor, Dov Alfon, stated that Blau “will get all the help we can provide him.”

UPDATE: Shin Beit briefed reporters this morning. The gag order is being discussed right now. Kamm’s family to speak to the media in the afternoon.
UPDATE II: gag order lifted. Here are the first reports: Haaretz, Jpost, Ynet.

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