IDF officer to protesters: you are traitors; I am here to defend settlers (video)

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According to Danny Ayalon, Israel’s deputy Foreign Minister, one of the reasons he staged his public humiliation of the Turkish ambassador was that the anti-Israeli Turkish TV programs promotes anti-Semitism.

I can go on here about the abuse of the term anti-Semitism by Israeli representatives, or about my doubts whether humiliating a foreign ambassador is the way to make people like – or even just respect – us, but instead, here is something from Israeli TV, and this time it’s not staged:

A report from Friday Channel 10 news shows how a peaceful Palestinian demonstration – it’s the reporters who call it peaceful, not me – is met with tear gas, rubber bullets and the occasional beating of demonstrators from the hand of IDF soldiers.

Later on, a group of masked settlers arrive and start throwing rocks on the Palestinian demonstrators. The army does nothing. When some Jewish left-wing protesters ask the officer present why doesn’t he stop the settler, the officer responds: “I am here to protect them, not you or the Palestinians… unlike you, I am not a traitor to my country.”

I guess that if it was aired on Turkish TV or the BBC, Israeli foreign office would rush to protest this anti-Semitism.

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