Israel Deputy Foreign Minister stages public humiliation of Turkish Ambassador

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deputy minister Ayalon (taller, on the right) and Turkey's ambassador

deputy minister Ayalon (taller, on the left) and Turkey's ambassador

The arrogance of Israeli diplomacy under Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman was demonstrated today again, when his deputy, Danny Ayalon, staged a public humiliation of the Turkish ambassador.

Ambassador Oguz Celikkol was summoned to Ayalon to hear Israel’s protest on another anti-Israeli show aired on Turkish TV these days.

When the Turkish representative arrived, he was made to wait otside the room with the reporters. when he finally got in, Ayalon ordered reporters to leave the room so he can keep “a respectable conversation” with the ambassador. But before they left, he instructed them to shot the meeting “so it would show that he is sitting low and we are high, and that there is only one flag in the room… and that it would show that we are not smiling.”

It is not clear whether Ayalon realized that he was being recorded while speaking to the reporters. Most chances he knew, and was aiming to win some points with the israeli public.

Channel 2 aired the video of the meeting tonight, including Ayalon’s instructions. Later on, sources in the Foreign Office told Haaretz that Foreign Minister Liberman is deliberately trying to escalate relations with Ankara prior to Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s visit to Turkey.

For some reason, embeding the video didn’t work. you can watch it here.

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