Israel Hayom Deputy Editor: J-Street same as Jews who defended Nazi Germany

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Gonen Ginat is deputy editor for Israel Hayom, the free paper billionaire Sheldon Adelson has launched last year in support of Benjamin Netanyahu and that since became the second widely read paper in Israel.

(The not-so-secret admiration of Israel Hayom for the PM was demonstrated again this week, following a visit by Netanyahu to a navy base. The PM slipped on a boat, and nearly fell to the water. The day after three out of four dailies printed the pictures of Netanyahu loosing his footing, while one showed the PM in full command, standing next to the Chief of Staff. You can read more about it and see pics here.)

Back to Ginat. This weekend, Israel Hayom published its first weekend edition (what caused great concern among the other tabloids). Ginat holds the prestigious last page column of the political section, and he decided to make its debut with a brutal attack on J-Street. His entire article was dedicated to comparing the new lobbying group to a Jew named Yaakov Trachtenberg who published in April 33′ a statement in support of Nazi Germany.

It is no news that the only history lesson the Israeli Right attended was about Europe before WW2. with them it’s always 39′, everyone who doesn’t agree with them is an anti-Semite, probably a Nazi, and every Arab leader is Hitler (following this line, Netanyahu’s idol is Churchill). Egypt’s Nasser was Hitler, Arafat was Hitler, Ahmadinejad is Hitler, and only Abu-Mazen is not Hitler, just a Holocaust denier, i.e. a Nazi (That’s in Ginat’s article as well, by the way). But still, throwing the Nazi connection at the ever-so-careful people of J-Street, who open every sentence with “as Zionists and supporters of Israel”? That’s taking it a bit too far, I would say.

After quoting the Trachtenberg piece from 33′, and before quoting a similar article, written by a German “intellectual and reform Rabbi” (Ginat is Orthodox), Ginat writes:

Soon they will be heating the ovens in Auschwitz, but the Jews of Germany didn’t let the facts reach them. Typical Jewish stubbornness, just like in J-Street (…). They published letters and made it clear that the fear of eradication is merely propaganda. With about the same words J-Street uses when Iran is discussed.”

Forget the fact that in 33′ nobody discussed eradication, not even the Nazis. Let’s listen to the deputy editor’s bottom line:

“Not that many years after (the holocaust), J-Street don’t get what’s wrong with hosting anti-Semites and cheering for holocaust deniers (…). Maybe they are right, maybe. On the other hand, when J-street find it difficult to figure who is right in the confrontation between Israel and Hamas, from the Middle East it is difficult, real difficult, to tell the difference between Trachtenberg and J-Street.”

11 Comments on “Israel Hayom Deputy Editor: J-Street same as Jews who defended Nazi Germany”

  1. 1 Craig said at 7:39 pm on November 21st, 2009:

    This is typical dishonest political rhetoric. Everyone to the right of me is Hitler and everyone to the left of me is Stalin. That nicely does away with any possible alternatives to my views, and since my views are mine, obviously I should be the leader and everyone should do what I tell them to.

  2. 2 shaul said at 3:31 am on November 22nd, 2009:

    yeah, the former vice-head of “mossad” is a neo nazi.

  3. 3 Yair said at 7:37 am on November 22nd, 2009:

    Not Yaakov Tachtenberg but
    Yaakov Trachtenberg (טרכטנברג)

  4. 4 Yisrael Medad said at 2:38 am on November 23rd, 2009:

    Okay, let’s subtract the Holocaust from the discussion (and ignore the Mufti in Berlin). Let’s look and listen to the current Palestinian Authority’s media broadcasts and read their educational books (not Hamas because I hope we can all agree about thier irrationalism, hatred, and yes, antisemitic content and purpose). If you review them, do you think they promote peacefeul intent, understanding, acceptance of the other, etc., or are they there to further the conflict, block any sense of compromise or understanding of Jewish nationalism, anyway between the Sea and the River? Or, do you, whoever is reading this, identify with the Trachtenberg approach to the “Jewish problem”?

  5. 5 noam said at 5:27 am on November 23rd, 2009:

    Yisrael: my post and Ginat’s article were about J-Street, and in that sense, I don’t think it’s fair or reasonable to compare them to Trachtenberg or to say that they are enthusiastic by holocaust deniers.

    Regarding your point, about the Palestinian incitement: I went to a normal public school in Israel, but if you examine the material we studied there from a Palestinian point of view, you will be able to make the same claims about Israel. We used to draw the map of Israel from the sea to the Jordan river, and we completely ignored the people living in the West bank or their national claim. The books we read – for example, Avner Carmeli’s writing for teens, which was very popular back then – had explicitly anti-Arab sometimes racist themes to them. And we had already our sovereign state – unlike the Palestinians. So I’m not very impressed with all the incitement watchdogs out there. For any paper or TV show they find on the P side, I can find an Israeli one. The two societies are in a conflict, and their cultural products reflect that fact. The question is how we move forward.

  6. 6 Yisrael Medad said at 10:59 am on November 23rd, 2009:

    I don’t think anything was mentioned about “holocaust denial enthusiasts” and Gonen thinks you misrepresented or maybe misunderstood his article. But that’s just one problem.

    J Street is subverting Israel in the US. It’s main goal is to support Obama and his liberal “community-oriented” philosophy. It’s all about America, not Israel. And the links to Iran and George Soros convince me that the reference to what a Jews like Trachtenberg was capable of doing – and that is the point, not Hitler or Germany – can be repeated. Try just one of Lenny Ben-David’s articles: or this: (there are more).

    As for comparing Israel and the Pals., textbooks, etc., you really have to be a member of the League of Trembling Israelites to lower yourself to that standard, just so you can feel good about “moving forward”, and that “both sides are bad”.

    Too bad.

    With that mindset, you’ll achieve peace, maybe a ‘goodfeeling’, that’s all.

  7. 7 noam said at 11:21 am on November 23rd, 2009:


    Gonen could have said that J-Street is more interested in US politics or that it’s damaging Israel, just as you just did, but he chose differently. He obviously wanted to be provocative and go back to WW2, holocaust and the Nazis. Well, provocations carry a price. “Heating the ovens in Auschwitz?” come on, what that has to do with an article on J-Street? Give him some credit, he knew exactly what image he wants to create (and if he didn’t, he should look for a different business).

    On the more general point you brought – the one regarding Palestinian incitement – well, read some of the recent Israeli texts (or just comments on the net), and than let’s talk incitement. What’s the different between Hamas and books explaining how and when to kill Goyim or the army’s chief Rabbi explaining we should show no mercy?

    But basically, this is not a game I want to play. I don’t think this conflict is balanced, so I don’t expect the sides to mirror each other. Call me a trembling Israeli if you wish.

  8. 8 noam said at 12:01 pm on November 23rd, 2009:

    Yisrael, I re-read Ginat’s article, and I don’t think I’ve misrepresented it. His basic claim is that J-Street is behaving like these Jews who defended Nazi Germany in the thirties. No way going around this. We may disagree on the political implications, but regarding the sense of the article discussed, I really believe that what I wrote was fair.

  9. 9 Moses Gorbiza said at 1:23 am on November 24th, 2009:

    I think that in order to discuss this issue one should read the article itself. I am not sure, for example. if the author make a comparison between J-Street to the Nazies or between Trachtenberg to J-Street, when Iran is threaten to kill all Israelies. Do you know how to find this article in english?
    Moses Gorbiza, Montevideo

  10. 10 noam said at 3:17 am on November 24th, 2009:


    Israel Hayom doesn’t have an english edition, but luckily, Didi Remez posted his own translation of the article on his blog.

  11. 11 Moses Gorbiza said at 5:02 am on November 25th, 2009:

    I’ve just read it, and I am sorry to say, he is right