Israel prefers the Hamas (II)

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Abu-Mazen – who did as Netanyahu ordered and withdrew the demand to discuss the Goldstone report in the UN Council for Human Rights, only to be humiliated publicly by the PM and his Foreign Minister – has learned the real lesson we have been giving the Palestinians for so long: That if you try to do business with Israel, you stand the risk of losing all you have, and in return, you will get nothing but shame and humiliation.

It’s no wonder he changed his mind. What else can he do, after Israel all but declared publicly that the Palestinian president supported the attack on his own people in Gaza?

It has been this way from the first Intifada, when we tried to crash the moderate local leadership, through the unilateral withdrawal and Sharon calling Abu-Mazen “a featherless chicken”, to this very day: Israel has always brought the worst fate on the moderate Palestinians. I guess we truly do prefer the Hamas.

Update: I re-read this post and I want to better explain my last sentence. When Netanyahu returned to the PM office, right after operation Cast Lead, the Hamas was weaker than at any other point in time since it won the elections and took over Gaza. It isn’t just me saying that. It was the people who supported the Gaza operation that declared the Hamas suffered a real blow, that the IDF and Israel won back their deterrence, that the regime in Gaza was isolated and illegitimate in the eyes of the whole world. At the same time, the level of corporation between the PA, Israel and the US reminded the days before the Intifada. Jenin and Nablus were quiet, and there were direct contacts at all level between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank. It got to the point were Hamas was about to sign an agreement with the PLO, on Abu-Mazen’s terms.

And what happened since? Abu-Mazen got a cold shoulder from Israel, and after the Goldstone affair, lost all credibility (for the first time, even an Arab-Israeli party, Balad, went public against the President of the PA). At the same time, Israel handed the Hamas its first real achievement (the 20 women prisoners, and more are on the way), and with the current international atmosphere, another military attack against Hamas is out of the question. In fact, the balance of power in the PA has changed so dramatically over the last month that Hamas decided to halt the unity talks in Cairo, and with good reason. Why bother dealing with Abu-Mazen when he is on the run? No doubt, Ismail Haniya should thank his good fortune for the Netanyahu-Liberman government.

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